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What is a Robotics Project?

The robotic projects we offer are either Beginner or Advanced Practicals in the subject of Computer Sciences.

The topics of these projects cover different aspects in the field of robotics. The prerequisites needed for each topic are therefore diverse.
While some projects focus on the development of controllers for hardware components or their electronics, others are closer to software programming. In any case, each of the topics are related to components from the field of robotics.

Example topics are:

  • Projects around the development of robots with Lego NXT
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Design of simple automata
  • Simple open-loop and closed-loop controllers
  • Design and and controll of walking robots (Biped, Hexapod,...)
  • Image recognition (e.g. with Microsoft Kinect)
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
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Each semester during the first week of lectures we announce the new topics in a special lecture. We then kindly ask for applications in groups of two or three students for the given topics. It is also possible to propose your own idea for a project.

With the begin of a project, the group is introduced to its topic. The students then submit a project plan specifying project goals and milestones. The chosen solving strategy is then followed and the results of the projects will be demonstrated by the whole team in a final presentation and documented in a webpage and a poster.
For details please refere to the guidelines