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In this section you can find projects developed in and for the lab.

c't-Bot firmware and library

A c't-bot has many differnt sensors in a compact layout. Using additional modules, this bot can perform many tasks. Since the original library is very compley and therefore hard to understand, we rewrote the essential functions. The new code is simple to understand for newbies in programming but uses almost the complete hardware of the c't-bot.
Our code is compatible to the original c't-bot hardware and there are several examples, demonstration the functions of the bot.


ct-bot.zip (44.1 KB)
ct-bot.tgz (22.7 KB)

author: Benjamin Reh

ATmega-basis board
Microcontrollers play an important role in many every day objects. Especially to do simple control-tasks, those microprocessors are powerful and though very simple.
We designed a simple board with an ATmega on it. All free usable pins are made available through pin-connectors. With this mini-board students can learn how to program an Atmel microcontroller.
The board has a simple linear power regulator and a power control led on board. Since there is a second power line, this board can also be used as a servo-board using the pwm-outputs or interrupt-design with the controller.

In the following zip-File we have put some code to get startet with the controller.

Soldering instructions (German only):
atmega-doku.pdf (1.5 MB)

Tutorial for programming:
atmega-tutorial.pdf (970.6 KB)

basis.zip (8 KB)
basis.tgz (5.5 KB)

author: Benjamin Reh, Sven Ebser, Joachim Schleicher

Simple position detetction using a webcam

In many cases small robots do not have the necessary equipment to dertermine their positions and orientations in space. To overcome that limitation we developed a simple image recognition software based on openCV to determine the position and orientation of several small robots on a playing area. This information is then radio transmitted via rfm12 module to the bots.
The system is used with our "Graupner Soccerbot" and the "c't-Bot".

  • webcam: Logitech, QuickCam Pro 4000
  • Ellipse-Fitting on the detected Color-Mask
  • Colours are initialized by mouse-click
  • Initialization of the playing field by clicking the corners
  • Only bots inside the playing area are detected
Documentation & Sourcecode

The documentation is available in german only as pdf or as HTML in one zip-file.

You can download the source code:
funk_pc.tgz (91.4 KB)
funk_pc.zip (99.6 KB)

author: Joachim Schleicher


No warranty. For licence terms see the README files in the download folders.