HGS MathComp Annual Retreat 2023

  [HGS MathComp Annual Retreat 2023]

HGS MathComp Annual Retreat 2023

from July 31, 2023
to August 2, 2023
at the Jugendherberge Starkenburg, Starkenburgweg 53, 64646 Heppenheim

Please register yourself using this form.

*Last Name:
*First Name:
*Year of PhD:
*Research Group:
*Principal Investigator:

*Will you attend:

In case that you are not able to attend the HGS MathComp Annual Retreat 2023
please state your reasons below:

Fellow Contributions

The Annual Retreat 2023 will feature a variety of different sessions. We would like to
encourage you to contribute to these events.*

3 different contribution types are currently planned:
- Talk (oral presentation on your research)
- Poster session (poster presentation on your research)
- Pitch (3 minutes)

*Please note that every fellow of the HGS MathComp is required to present his/her
research at least at one Annual Retreat.

*Type of Contribution:

When choosing your contribution please keep in mind that we are an interdisciplinary
institution and that your audience will be from various scientific fields. You should consider spending at least 40% of your contribution on giving an
introduction to the topic.

You can choose more than one contribution type but you will be asked to contribute to only
one of the offered sessions. The final decision on how you will be asked to contribute,
will depend on the total number of contributions submitted.

You will be notified about your contribution status in a separate email.

Preliminary Title of your Contribution:

Please feel free to include any additional comments regarding your registration or
the organization of the upcoming HGS MathComp Annual Retreat 2023 below:

Choice of Food

*Choice of Food:

We are planing to organize a bus transfer from the Mathematikon to
the youth hostel in Heppenheim and back.

*Bus Transfer:

Confirmation of your Participation

Please note that you will receive a confirmation via email from the organizers
regarding your participation.

If you are unable to participate in the Annual Retreat due to special
circumstances please make sure to inform the organizers.

* denotes required field