Carl-Zeiss-Summerschool on Scientific Machine Learning in Astronomy Registration

  [Carl-Zeiss-Summerschool on Scientific Machine Learning in Astronomy Registration]

Carl-Zeiss-Summerschool on Scientific Machine Learning in Astronomy

August 14-18, 2023

Heidelberg, Germany

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The CZS School aspires to be a very collaborative and interactive workshop.

Please share with us one thing you would try to do to foster positive and inclusive collaborations at CZS School.

This workshop is meant to foster new collaborations.

Do you plan to bring any data or any cool algorithms? If so, what kind of data/algorithms?

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As we anticipate very limited funding available to help with travel expenses, please only request financial support below if you really need it.

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If you are a student, we encourage you to ask for help at your institution in order to write a budget and find out what sources of funding are available to you,

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